Our children********************our future

Your time is priceless and our children need you. Many organizations have donated computers, day-volunteers, money and other in-kind support to the development of our participants. The slightest change in one child can be a benefit to our community, our state and the world.

To inspire the world's next leaders through mentoring, personal development, futuristic thought and community responsibility         

Urgent Projects




Donating to organizations like STAMP can be very rewarding to our kids as well as to those who donate.

"As adults in our community, we are responsible for the children we encounter on a daily basis and should actively provide the necessary resources to help our kids become good citizens."

Mark G. Brown, Sr.


Our Mission

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  • Mentoring Camps
  • Academic/Athletic Camps
  • Reading & Math Improved


Hope in Action

Our after-school program is in need of individual and corporate sponsorships. The demand for more space in our Summer, Winter and Spring camps can only be met with your support.  Together we can create change that will last each child a lifetime. Make your contribution now.

  • College Acceptance
  • Academic & Athletic Scholarships
  • Life Skills -Good Citizenship